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Disadvantages of the electric motor over combustion engines

The electric motor offers many advantages, but some disadvantages are difficult to ignore. Here are some of the disadvantages of an electric motor over a gasoline or diesel engine:

Driving range and charging time: electric motors need batteries for the energy supply, and their driving range can be limited relative to the charging time of the battery. While traditional gasoline engines can coordinate fuel quickly, battery charging may take longer.

Weight and cost: Electric batteries are heavy and expensive. Hence, electric cars can be more severe and costly than cars with gas engines. The high weight may affect the vehicle’s economic performance, drivability, and general operation.

Infrastructure and infrastructure: The production and maintenance of infrastructure for charging stations and battery changing stations require significant investments of money and resources. This can challenge places with weak infrastructure or less technological development.

Environmental investments in battery production: battery production can be an ecological challenge and cause the emission of chemical emissions and sometimes viruses in the production process. With technological advances, there are attempts to solve environmental innovations in the production and recycling of batteries.