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Ariel Malik: Electric Motors

ARIEL MALIK: Electric Motors Affects The Global Economy

according to Ariel Malik, Electric motors can affect the global economy in many ways. Here are five examples of the effects of the electric motor on the global economy:

Investment in green technology

Electric motors are part of the field of green technology that promotes the use of energy sources from the environment. Investing in green technology encourages development, strengthens new companies, creates employment in new fields, and helps promote economic innovation.

Improving exports and global trade

The proliferation of electric vehicles can trigger a greater need for electrical infrastructure planning and charging options.
The availability of reasonably priced electric vehicles can increase investors’ proximity to purchasing electric cars from various fields.

Works in the oil industry

As electric motors and green technologies advance, there may be changes in the use of oil and other harmful energy sources.
The availability of electric vehicles will reduce dependence on oil, which can change prices and affect exporting countries.

Creation of production and excess exports

Technology companies developing electrical technologies can create work and a workplace in the new era. A new technological reality that can create global demand, there is a chance to increase exports and create a competitive advantage over competing suppliers worldwide.

Activity on the global infrastructure

The development and distribution of electric motors require an advanced electrical infrastructure and a deployed charging network.
The spread of technologies can upgrade the electrical infrastructure and create business and employment opportunities in these trends.